Resize Lips

Every thought that goes into any cosmetic procedure should be thorough. Finding a company you can trust, using qualified medical professionals can safeguard you, thus helping your decision to choose us.  We understand here that cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly more common. Albeit, we appreciate that the decision is still a big one.

We as a company are here to make your journey as easy, pain free and effective as possible. We focus our professionalism on providing you with the best service over a wide range of services and products. Our expertise extends from medical treatments as well as non-invasive cosmetic procedures and semi-permanent makeup.

Semi-permanent makeup is a type of tattooing that uses graded pigments which are applied to the dermis. Using specialist micropigmentation to create a natural look, the results blend beautifully with your natural features helping accentuating the best of your face and body. The results are subtle, such as make-up is, whether it be the more natural look or glamorous. We can meet your needs using our fantastic techniques. Here at Face Guru our eyebrow, eyelash and eyeliner treatments paired with lip enhancements are purposefully designed to enhance your natural beauty and assist you to re-frame your face. Tailored to your needs, we understand that each individual needs different things, that’s why we aim to make the whole process as easy for you as possible.

Each of our clients experience the same professional, high quality service no matter what procedure they opt for. As well as the traditional semi-permanent makeup techniques we provide the sought after cosmetic freckles and beauty spots along with other cosmetic procedures such as Meso Revive Facials, scar and burn tissue re-build, vitiligo pigmentation,  cleft lip re-pigmentations and faux freckle and beauty spot treatments.

  • Lip Enhancements:

We provide a full range of lip enhancements using micropigmentation techniques such as semi-permanent lip liner, lip contour and blush. Contour and lip blush provides a fuller look of the lips without undergoing invasive procedures. Liner defines the lip, working with the natural colour. Contouring liner mimics the effect of the lip pencil making it perfect for thin, receding lips. Looking for a bold, deeper colour? Lip contouring and blush is beneficial.  The blush can be blended making for a full, natural look without the need for makeup.

  • Eyes:

Permanent eyebrow enhancement is undertaken using intradermal pigmentation (semi-permanent makeup), the aim of which is to imitate the appearance of natural hair in the eyebrow. Using fine strokes, natural pigments are applied into the dermal layer of the skin during this medically safe procedure. Here at Face Guru we offer various options to help assist you with your preferred look.

Opt to go with our part brow enhancement which may benefit over-plucked eyebrows or thinned brows. Our procedure will provide you with ultra-fine, intricate hair strokes that blend subtly with the natural brow hair. No matter the colour of the natural brows, the benefit of brow enhancement means each tone can be blended elegantly. Our ombre effect will provide you with a natural ‘fade out’ look. Appearing as if you have used brow powder, it is perfect to add an extra bit of definition or defined shape.

The procedure used for micropigmentation means the discomfort is minimal with maximum effect. We provide various options to help accentuate the beauty of the eyes. Our range of semi-permanent eyeliner and eyelash enhancements are professionally tailored to your needs.
The treatments will help you regain definition around the eyes which will be consistently visible. Great procedures if you have minimal or short eyelashes or small eyes. Semi-permanent eyeliner is undertaken using a needle to place pigments beneath the upper layers of the skin to create a consistent make-up look. Eyelash enhancements can be provided as well as top and bottom eyeliner and dramatic eyeliner.

Lash enhancements are great for adding thickness to the lashes. The eyeliner treatment allows for the opportunity to choose what best suits you. We assist you to choose colour, thickness and we work with the shape of your eye to create a dramatic effect if required. This provides you with the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. As well as the traditional forms of semi-permanent makeup we also offer a range of other services.

  • Meso Revive Facials:Resize Face

These ‘facials’ are designed specifically for skin improvement and rejuvenation. It is often considered a less invasive alternative to botox. The cell boosting treatment works naturally to improve the appearance of the skin including fine lines and wrinkles. We also offer specialist techniques using micropigmentation to the head, breasts and bodily scars.

  • Scalp Pigmentation:

Designed to increase the appearance of hair. Pigments are applied to the epidermal sector of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles.  The perfect procedure for hair thinning or complete hair loss. Working with the natural colours of the hairs the pigments are blended to give a ‘full head of hair’ whilst appearing natural.

  • Areola Pigmentation:

Again, using pigmentation, a form of semi-permanent makeup, areola pigmentation allows for the creation of the natural areola through a specialist process. Minimising the appearance of scars and restoring the breast using a blend of colours based on skin tone.  We replicate the appearance of a realistic looking areola and create the illusion of nipple protrusion for clients who have had mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

  • Scar camouflage including burn scars:

Blending the best, high quality colours our specialists can infuse the pigments with the medical scar tissue resulting in a ‘faded’ scar making it less visible to the eye.

  • Re-pigmentation of cleft lip:

A cleft lip reconstruction procedure helps to recreate natural lip colour and a symmetrical lip shape using pigments as well as helping to successfully camouflage scarring as a result of cleft lip surgery. We are also able to offer Missing Lip Vermillion cosmetic procedure.
We also provide the procedures for eye socket definition and vitiligo pigmentation. Using specialist procedures to reduce the appearance of vitiligo giving a smoother appearance.






  • Full eyebrow reconstruction -
    with the preferred result:
    hair strokes / powder finish/ ombre / block
  • Eyeliner - top and bottom
  • Full lip enhancement
    using a colour of choice
  • Scalp
  • Part brow enhancement
  • Top or bottom only
  • Lip liner
  • Areola pigmentation / tattoo
  • Hairstrokes to the natural brow
  • Dramatic eyeliner
  • Lips contour and blush
  • Scar camouflage
  • Powder effect to the the natural brow
  • Eyelash enhancement
  • Burn scars
  • Ombre finish
  • Re-pigmentation
  • Cleft lip
  • Missing lip vermillion
  • Eye socket definition
  • Vitiligo pigmentation