Scalp Micro-pigmentation For Hair Loss

Micro pigmentation is a procedure where natural pigments are applied to the scalp at the epidermal level. The finished effect helps to replicate the appearance of your natural hair follicles. People choose to have this procedure for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

On average, people naturally shed between 50 to 100 hairs per day. Hair loss is often genetic but in some extreme cases where people suffer from alopecia or lose their hair as a side effect of receiving cancer treatments, the hair loss can be quite frightening. This is where micro pigmentation can help. It can even help hide scars from injuries or surgeries that people can feel very Self-conscious about.

Is scalp micro pigmentation suitable for everyone?

No matter how severe your hair loss, scalp micro pigmentation is suitable for all types and different stages of hair loss, hair colours and skin types. People who have had hair transplant procedures can also use this to help visually boost the finished effect. Having this treatment can really help to boost your self-confidence and stop you from worrying about your hair loss.

The treatment is just as popular with men as it is for women. Many men are taking up the procedure to help cover up a bald spot or to fill in areas where their hair has receded at the temples, making them feel a little self-conscious about their appearance. Women too are using micro pigmentation to help mask thinning hair and to cover uneven patches on their scalp where a scar or old injury is preventing even hair growth from coming through.

Women are also choosing this treatment to help restore the appearance of their hair following years of damage caused by over-processing with harsh chemicals as well as areas of scalp damage caused by overly tight hair extensions.

How does the procedure work?

This is a completely safe procedure where natural pigments that perfectly match your hair colour are skilfully added to the epidermal layer of your scalp. The treatment is applied using needles that very gently and painlessly inject completely natural and organic coloured pigments directly into the second dermal skin layer on your scalp. The therapist will apply and space the pigment to replicate the natural look of your real hair follicles. How much is applied will depend on the extent of your hair loss and the desired look that you wish to achieve.

What is the difference between micro scalping and a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is quite a complex surgical process where live hair follicles are usually taken from the back of the head and transplanted into bald spots or to create a new hairline around the temples. Micro pigmentation on the other hand is a non-surgical procedure using natural pigments instead of real hair. A hair transplant really only works for people who have a good density of hair that allows the surgeon to remove and re-plant.

Scalp micro pigmentation is very sought after by younger people, mostly for cosmetic reasons, especially when they work in a career that is public facing and where personal presentation is very important. However, it is also gaining popularity amongst older people who are choosing to combine hair transplants and scalp micro pigmentation to help them regain their dignity and to look and feel younger.

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