Semi-permanent eyebrow treatmentEyebrow featheringWhat is Permanent Eyebrow Reconstruction?
Eyebrows are an important features of our face as they show expression, reflect our mood and help to frame our eyes. You may have noticed that I offer a wide selection of eyebrow treatments – here are the different treatments on offer:
  • Full eyebrow reconstruction
  • Part brow enhancement
  • Hair-strokes
  • Powder effect
  • Ombre finish
But what exactly is involved in the process of permanent eyebrow enhancements such as these and how can they benefit you? Lets take a closer look at these treatments and why you should consider having one.
Permanent eyebrow enhancement 
The procedure involves using semi-permanent make-up to replicate the natural look and shape of your eyebrows. This is done through intradermal pigmentation where very fine strokes are used to apply natural coloured pigments into the dermal layer of your skin to look like real eyebrow hairs. This is done here at Face Guru via a medically safe procedure and can produce subtle or quite dramatic effects.
We offer part brow enhancement when you may only need your eyebrows to be evened out or thickened up due to thinning brows or over-plucking. The idea here is to add back in ultra-fine individual hair strokes that will blend in perfectly with your natural brows to give a fuller and more completed look.
Our Ombre finish effect gives a natural ‘fade out’ look to your brows and looks just like you have been using brow powder for shape and definition. The bonus here is that because it is semi-permanent, the look will not wash away should you choose to go swimming in a pool on while on a beach holiday. This is why it is a great treatment to have for a honeymoon or a trip away where you don't want to be constantly re-applying your make-up. 
Micro-blading and Feathering
These are techniques used to recreate fine, hair-like strokes along your brow line that helps to define the natural arch of your brows and are extremely useful for evening up, thickening out and filling in the gaps in your eyebrows. The added bonus is that it can last for absolutely ages! 
As each persons skin is very different, the length of time you can hold on to your semi-permanent make-up is going to vary. Some people may see the colour fading after 8 or 9 months, but others may find they can hang on to their feathered brows for much longer. 
Remember though that your initial results can look sharper than you thought. Freshly feathered brows will look fantastic in terms of shape and how they frame your face, but you may find that your brows look a little darker than you expected. But once your new brows soften and settle into your skin they will look completely natural. It is just like when you get you hair dyed a different colour. You get that initial 'wow' from such a dramatic change, but the colour quickly settles down and becomes more subtle.
If you have never had a treatment like this before then it is worth booking a consultation with me first. It pays to listen to a brow expert, especially if you don't have any idea about what shape your brows should be and what you want your end results to look like. I want you to be happy with your finished look so I will explain the different brow treatments and discuss which option will suit your best.
Contact me here so we can discuss your requirements. I am here to help you look and feel your very best!