Why should I choose Face Guru?

We understand here that cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly more common. Albeit, we appreciate that the decision is still a big one. We as a company are here to make your journey as easy, pain free and effective as possible. We focus our professionalism on providing you with the best service over a wide range of services and products. Our expertise extend from medical treatments as well as non-invasive cosmetic procedures and semi-permanent makeup. Each of our clients experience the same professional, high quality service no matter what procedure they opt for.

Semi-permanent makeup is an effective way to alter your appearance without undergoing invasive procedures, which we understand can be daunting, at times. We have verified experience and amazing results to show you just how much it can change your face! Eyebrow and lip procedures are forever increasing so it’s important you are getting treated by a company you can trust. We know we deliver results and we’re confident we can show you!

Our eyebrow treatments + lip enhancements are purposefully designed to enhance your natural beauty and assist you to re-frame your face. Tailored to your needs, we understand that each individual needs different things, that’s why we aim to make the whole process as easy for you as possible.

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